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Backflow Inspections
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At TLC we have two Licensed Backflow Inspectors for all your backflow needs. It has become very common place in the past few years for City's to require Annual Backflow Inspections of all backflow devices at a location. As big of an incovenience as it may seem, this really is an important, but often overlooked safety device. Many times people find out too late that they have a backflow problem and they find this out when someone gets sick from cross contamination. Unfortunately, there is no alarm that goes off when there is a cross connection issue. So in order to protect the public, annual inspections are a necessity for safety reasons.

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What is a cross-connection?  
A cross-connection is a link between a potable (drinking) water system and a non-potable water system. Contamination can occur when a water supply line to a customer is connected to equipment containing a substance not fit for drinking, creating back-flow (reversal of normal flow of a liquid solid or gas). Installation and maintenance of appropriate backflow prevention assemblies or devices prevents contamination of supply lines from cross-connections.