"Just Look for the Red"
Landscape Design
We pride ourselves in very individualized landscapes here at TLC. We want to leave you with the landscape of YOUR dreams! Not just the run of the mill cookie cutter landscape! 
We enjoy involving the customer in all aspects of the design. From the initial on-site consultation to having you come to our office to play with different design ideas on our virtual computer program! At the end of the day this is a personalized investment in your property that we hope will bring you joy and pride in the years to come! 
 Serving Wise County Decatur TX, Bridgeport, Alvord, Greenwood and Slidell. Landscape Garden Design & Installation is one of our many specialities that we are passionate about along with hardscaping, landscape lighting and irrigation services. Beautiful garden design is our goal. We also offer scheduled service.
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Hardscapes are great because they're low-maintenance and versatile! 
These include but aren't limited to:
  >> Retaining Walls 
  >> Outdoor Kitchens 
  >> Arbors and Pergolas 
  >> Patios 
  >> Fire Pits
  >> Water Features 
  >> Rock Edging 
.Include one of these many hardscapes in your landscape project for aesthetics and function!
Landscape Lighting
Adding Landscape Lighting to a property seems to really just add that finishing touch a lot of people are looking for! It really is that WOW factor on a landscape investment! 
Here we use only the best product on the market! We believe FX Luminaire landscape lighting products are made of the finest materials and with the best craftsmanship. Giving the customer the longest lasting/ best performing (not to mention good looking) product and years of enjoyment! 
Take some time to scroll through their digital catalog to see what all they have to offer and give us a call so we can come out to you place and design a set-up personalized to your property!