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Maintenance Services
Total Lawn Care is dedicated to quality service with hometown hospitality! We offer a range of services including mowing, weedeating, edging, leaf blowing, spraying / weeding of beds, hedge trimming, mulching of beds, pre-emergent treatments, post-emergent treatments, and fertilization. In addition to our maintenance services, we are fully available for a landscaping and planting those seasonal flowers for that extra burst of color in the spring and fall. Our knowledgeable staff know their way around an irrigation system to ensure your garden is looking its best! No one can beat the quality work of our guys in Red! See the difference when you hire our lawn boys that always give a little extra of that Tender Love and Care on your yard!
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For a full treatment calendar, including a mowing schedule for our lawn maintenance crew, visit our Seasonal Schedules page!

It is important to use a range of products to enhance growth in your lawn. At the first of the year and late autumn, spray your natural pre-emergent herbicides. In early spring and early winter, follow up with post-emergents. Fertilizer is spread in the summer followed by rye seed in September. Finally, rye fertilizer should be used in early winter for a fully treated lawn. 

This regiment is sure to keep your lawn looking vigorously green year-round!
Service Packages
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Our TLC team is dedicated to creating a service that is just right for any home or business. We understand that sometimes it's hard to keep up with lawn treatments and some days you look up and realize it may have been a while since those trees needed to be trimmed.
From our basic maintenance package up to our Total Lawn Care Plan, we can tailor any of our service plans to meet your needs and budget.
Check out a few of our package options and then call and talk to us to set up a quote!
Winter Flowers are in Bloom!
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Post-Emergent Treatment
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